Monday, February 9, 2009

I got a bunch of crap for less than $20

This past Saturday, the seventh, was my sixth wedding anniversay. My wife and I decided to clear our schedules Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday we ended up taking our rats, Simon & Nigel, to the vet because they were both having respiratory problems. While my wife stayed at the vet to talk with the doctor I went for some shopping. One of my stops was at Treasure Haus in New Ulm where I picked up a cool clock, an old camera (for the gears, there were a disapointing three total), a brass candlestick holder (for possible future projects) and a lame flannel front vest that I hope to dye black later. All of this for less than seven bucks.

"But hey! What about the title of this entry?" you ask? Well, that happened on Saturday at the MRCI in Mankato. I got another candlestick holder (with an ugly gold embossed taper candle this time), four gold leaf pens that give a bit of a brass metallic finish, a black paint pen, a jar of black paint, a clock (for the gears), a water damaged but very usable antique card table (for a dollar), two framed pictures of very old antique phones, a family records book (for my wife), an overnight case (also for my wife), small bag of scrapbooking stuff (wife), two rubber stamps (wife), and a bike rack (unopened box for six bucks). I think we got a pretty good deal, all told.

I've already started on my first project: taking a small flashlight and painting it to look brass. No biggie. I might glue a gear or two onto it. But the flashlight is relatively small which makes it hard to do much with it.

Saturday night we went to see "Coraline" which is based on a children's book by one of our favorite authors Neil Gaiman. It's been described as "a horror movie for children." My wife and I loved it.

We didn't do much Sunday. We went to the local Chinese restaurant, 14 New China. Very authentic. Very delicious.


  1. You didn't comment about the kid in the theater. Or the kid that puked. I'll blog about those, k?

  2. You have been tagged.