Sunday, April 27, 2014


Been watching this BBC show on Hulu Plus called Misfits. It reminds me a bit of the American show called Heroes. These probationers, along with a whole lot of other people, end up gaining powers after a freak storm. A lot of people get killed in the show, mainly Probation Supervisors (I wonder if the writers have some issues they are trying to work out). Speaking of the writers, they've done an excellent job of keeping the show fresh and original. I think one of my favorite episodes is where this guy, whose power is the ability to turn into a female version of himself, gets his/her first period after having a fight with her lesbian lover.

All five seasons are on Hulu and it's only $7.99 month. Much better than cable. It's just like On Demand from cable or dish. Which, to my mind, is the best part of either one.

Erm... I seem to have gotten off topic... I tend to do that. Sorry.

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